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Daughter in law and son have married each other and theirs is an independent closest relationship. Everybody needs to respect that


I am sure I have duties for everyone but how come only my wife is an outsider?

I want to listen to her. She wants to listen to me. We want to make each other's life better.

I am sure you may like her to laugh less, speak less, be this and that but I want her to laugh more with me, even more than she ever did, genuinely be happy, speak more, have space. And she wants the same for me.

I understand you think I am forgetting being a son. But that's not true. I would go out with friends, I would not call for weeks when at work, and no one cared but when my wife came, I gave her some time, and it became like she is a daughter-in-law taking the son away.. no she is my wife loving your son, as her husband.

Ours is an independent and one of the closest bonds

We will have our own family and how would it work If I am made to hide things from her and show as though wife isn't same as family, just because she came now. What about my child then, who would even come later? Will this make him/her even more distant.

There is a need to accept that I have formed a family.

There is a need to accept that my daughter-in-law and son are closest and I see only my mother with my father today.


I wasn't always this clear. I too allowed my wife to be bullied in the name of being a daughter in law..

Everyone putting duties of pleasing everyone at a time when she was new and it was our job to comfort her.

Everyone asked me to stay away or else I would be remarked as being ignoring my parents, having changed.


She became so anxious, depressed and always crying.


We joined couple therapy at IWill and that saved our relationship and stopped the toxicity.


Was she here to work to please everyone and then be alone. Was this some punishment?

What were we proving to her when we were asking proofs of her dedication to the house.


Was she here leaving her family, getting 7 vows with me to be only a lip service to be forgotten as soon as she reaches here.

Was she here to treat us like she has no one and we treat her like she is our no one...


The therapist at IWill was direct yet comforting, she helped both of us reflect and form those communication bonds that were so important.

Today I am so proud to share that me and my wife are happy, she has overcome the depressive state she was in, which she didn't deserve but I stand between her and the pain and discrimination now.

The daughter-in-law and son are two people married to form one unit. Society has to stop it's hypocrisy. I'll continue to serve my family through my life but I will not miss the opportunity to love, honor and be there for my closest, my wife

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