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Dear husband I am here for love and you! Not for taking orders & approvals from everyone

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Marriage for me was about you. It was about companionship. It was about coming to one family from another. It was about acceptance, whole hearted acceptance as I had for you.
It was about sharing, it was about understanding... it was about trust... it was about fun, it was about living
Didn’t you expect the same from this marriage... 

Since my time here, I have been sincerely trying to find a home here, find my comfort... I am trying to make the world beautiful for you. To love you, to show you I care. I am there...

But what have been the things for me?

The first day on, there is no real acceptance of me!
I am not a good enough daughter-in-law. I don’t sacrifice enough. I don’t do enough. I still have my dreams. How dare I?
I still have an opinion. How can that be?
I must do everything that others say even if I know it’s wrong?
Isnt it wrong to expect me not to have time with you?
Isn’t it wrong to expect me to not have my own goals?
Isn’t it wrong to always stop me, break my confidence in every small thing?
Isn’t it wrong to always criticise things that I like?
Isn’t it wrong to always show as though I know less?

Am I here to be bullied?
Did I come here to be lonely?
Did I come here to be taking approvals on my personality?
Why won’t I be treated equally?
I was really depressed Arjun ever since we got married.

To the point, that I started to feel like I shouldn’t even live... to the point that I felt like I was stuck for life...

I took help, I took therapy at IWill. I realized I needed to protect myself, to speak what I didn’t like, to not run away from pain but embrace it and overcome it!
To seek happiness, to say the right thing. To let know what I am going through. To stop hurt from getting worse...

You tell me why is my isolation ok? Why is it ok to treat me as though I am only here to please and not be loved? Is marriage so one-sided? Or is it only me who is expected to have a marriage like this?

I love you Arjun and I am here for you. I am not here for approvals and orders! I am your equal! Treat me as one!


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