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I am better off without a person who treats me like I am forced on them

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So what if they don’t talk to you as much. Things will get better. Just concentrate on keeping the relationship!

Once it’s broken it’s broken, at least right now the relationship is there.

But they never do anything for me! This relationship is so one-sided...

But what will people say if it breaks? Will anyone ever think you can keep relationships? It will be such an insult. Everyone will make stories! These things get better!

I am always alone, always alone in everything. I feel completely humiliated.

How will you feel when you won’t even have a relationship for name sake? What will you do then?

This and more would be always said to me to convince me that being in relationships that have nothing for you, is also good because embarrassment is saved and there is always a chance of revival.

I felt completely humiliated!
I was always alone!
Rather I felt so abused!
But everyone wanted me to keep this going.

I was scared too. How will I manage alone? Everything will fall apart! How will things move if this breaks? What about my life?

And yet there was no life in me! Every day with their ignorance, I felt more lifeless than ever!

I was really stuck, alone, isolated! I joined IWill therapy as I was going through depression.

It was in therapy that I learned my self-worth!
I learned how things like what will people say, what will happen if I am alone are not as important as is what is happening to me now, is this abuse going to end, and how tough my life is now?
How do I feel today?
Is it fair for the title to be treated like this?
What can be done?


As I kept going in therapy, I became stronger and stronger and more clear about what my life should be and what it can’t be!
I didn’t have to live my life in fear of what people will say when today my life was isolated and the same people were doing nothing to make it better!

I didn’t have to live in such horrible isolation when I could choose to put myself first and give myself a better company and life

I joined job!
I started meeting and being around people who respected me and loved me

As I started going independent and decided to not be with such people who have no interest in me, initially there was fear but as soon as I took that step, and had support from my therapist and people who loved me, I could see it was all smoke!

My days without abuse were so much better!
Being around with people who cared for me was so much better

Being around myself and loving myself and focusing on my growth and not worrying about how others judge me was the best thing I could do to myself

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