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Dear in-laws I am not less special than you! I won’t tolerate different rules for myself!

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1. It’s not ok anymore that you would tell me stories of how this is my new home and tell me the sacrifices other women did in the family!
While my sister-in-law is and continues to be the most special person here... she can come anytime.. this is her home!
So is my parent's home mine! Stop telling me things you only say to bully me!

2. It’s not ok anymore for you to tell me for all my problems of health or otherwise, that it’s nothing, that I need to be strong, that this is no grief!

While your little pain, some little health issue, or even a small problem of you and your loved ones, is a matter spoken about for days.

Don’t  TRIVIALISE my pain! I am not letting you do that anymore!

3. It’s not ok anymore for you to book rooms, and dates for self, for sister in law and kids and husband, and be happy when she receives gifts

but blame/taunt/guilt trip me and my husband for spending basic time together or making him so scared of even buying a small gesture thing for me! Stop!

You are not special any more than I am!

4. It’s not ok anymore to blame my values! That I am “childish”! That I am “too careless”! That I am “immature”! That I don’t fit in here!!!
The reality is I am honest, I am not fake! I am real! I am transparent and I want to be this way...

I don’t want to fit into your mold which is anyways designed to break me!

5. It’s not ok anymore for you to think all of you are special while I have been done some favor to be married in this home and I need to repay all of it by being less and breaking myself! My family didn’t raise me to be taking injustices! I will not let you break me, and bully me!

I respect you... but never forget I respect myself first... I am not going to be treated like a waste!!  Don’t even try

Initially, I was taken over by depression! And I was too afraid to stand up for myself! I was suddenly taken to a level of shock and pain that it made me sink and sink further!

But not anymore... I.I had many sessions at IWill to get out of the dumps, stand for myself, ensure that I am not walked over!

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