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Depression Emptiness: explained for those who don't know 

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Emptiness is a feeling of void, inability to feel anything, no matter how hard a person tries. With Emptiness a person struggles to feel.any emotion, happiness, sadness or anger, they just feel something churning within them, something telling them they are not supposed to be where they are, that they need to escape. Mind is abuzz with thoughts of past experiences, of self doubts, of unsettling reality.


With emptiness a person struggles the most, as the void consumes them.

They miss what was theirs earlier. They feel uncomfortable, so uncomfortable with their present and stuck


Somewhere they feel like a misfit.

Why does emptiness happen?

Emptiness can happen sometimes as a result of being in a certain situation. But more often than not, such emptiness resolves on its own.


Depression Emptiness 

Depression, a serious mental health disorder that causes mood and thought and behavior changes that are painful and persistent, also causes emptiness. 


Depression led emptiness has following key characteristic.

1. It's often accompanied by a sense of deep hopelessness 

2. Person feels emptiness consistently that doesn't go away on its own, it may become less but then it bounces back.

3. Person also feels disappointed with life and people around and this feeling only grows.

4. It causes a person to almost pause in time.


How to overcome Depression led emptiness 


1.Start therapy immediately:  Depression is an illness and it needs proper care, treatment, your web of thoughts will consume you, you need to detangle it, process it with your therapist so that your mindspace becomes more in your control, negative assumptions about self and future stop. 


2. Practice the art of being mindful: look at your present, you make your every moment, live in it, if something is uncomfortable in present, assert to change it, but don't circle back in loops of past. Try to stay in charge 


3. Build self love : Do things that make you see your intrinsic worth, do things that make you happy. Do things that make you feel in control of situation around. The more you love yourself, the less empty you can feel 


4. Get active 

Meet friends, go to do things you like, stay purposeful. Biggest antidote to emptiness is action in present. It brings in rush of emotions and feelings, brings a person to life that emptiness is striking away.


Emptiness is a very difficult feeling to manage. It's tough because the inability to feel your emotions and express them feels like a painful cage to a person, it can be extremely limiting. When caused by depression, this feeling can be persistent.

Seek IWill therapy, seek support, don't be alone in this. You deserve happiness.

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