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Depression in homemakers is real and yet no one gives any attention or cares for it!

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What do you do all day that makes you exhausted?

Why are you always nagging? I have other things to do. Not free as you!

So what if someone said something to you about your parenting. You are always complaining and trying to start a fight!

Why do you need this money again? Money doesn’t grow on trees

How would you support her? Do you even earn?

Let me handle this. You won’t understand!

You are always lonely! I am tired with all day work!and I don’t have energy to listen to your issues.. they are anyways too small and trivial!


Such words are commonly heard from time to time by a homemaker! And they are so painful and hurtful!


A homemaker is in many homes not appreciated for all that she does... 

She is alone all day managing chores , even if she has help in home, there is still a lot of work!

She feels under appreciated as everyone either praises men who earn in family and other people!

She has to do things.. her issues are always trivial... she cries according to people on small things, but those small things are her world! 

She gets little social appreciation! Her routine is repetitive and so thank less!

She also doesn’t get sometimes enough attention from her spouse! All she needs is someone to talk to, listen to her troubles, insecurities, problems...listen to the challenges she faces but it’s usually ignored!

She also feels low in self-esteem sometimes. World celebrates work, money, power, status, and she doesn’t have it or her own is how she is made to feel! And this to breaks her! 


Over time sadness, depression, pain, isolation all of it combines and becomes worse for her.. and puts her in depression! 


It’s high time we know that some of the most suicides happen in India by women who are married

That homemaker depression is a real clinical thing... (India’s National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). One of the largest groups of suicides in India are housewives--in 2018)


It’s needed that she gets therapy... at IWill we have helped a lot of homemaker women rebuild their self-esteem, see their real contribution, help them focus on themselves, do things that make them happy, listen To them, sort their confusions out too...THEY ARE NOT TRIVIAL

And also then at some stage get their partners to bring change their perception. Of their partner too, of seeing how she has right to be treated with dignity, have her say, take her and family decisions jointly,  not be judged for having an opinion and not made alone!


Homemaker depression is a very painful reality, ignored and the crisis is deepening. 

Iwill is committed to do its part... are you? 

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