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Depression is more than sadness. You feel that you are empty and everything is blank

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Depression is not just sadness. You just don’t feel like you are upset

Depression is much more than that.

You feel you are completely empty, you feel nothing is left within you and it still keeps paining.

You feel anger; hurt, frustration, numbness, and a range of uncomfortable emotions.
One thing doesn’t make you happy. Your pain runs much deeper...
You have questions about yourself.
You doubt that you can ever be happy...

You can’t organize your thoughts...
Your headspace goes blank many times
Your sleep, eating habits, and social needs all get affected... it becomes difficult to be yourself...
It’s just not a loss of temporary happiness
It’s a loss of everything that the person is emotional!

People misunderstand it all the time

We are doing so much for you. Why don’t you get happy?
You are so negative...
You are lazy and this is an excuse!
You want to be all negative and in pain. And this is your nature!

This and more are said when you are not at fault!!

When depression is controlling you. When you want to be happy but you just can’t be. You want to do everything for yourself but you feel so incapacitated

How to overcome depression?

Depression is a disorder and needs to be treated like that.


The empathy of loved ones around is needed. No one wants to be crying all day on purpose, or feel so anxious and broken, or feel so hurt and tired, or feel so spent... it’s depression. It’s pain that breaks them! They need support, lack of judgement, a supportive environment and love, and change things around that make them feel
Isolated or lonely!


Talk therapy with a professional psychologist with 8-10 sessions where step by step each aspect is addressed is needed. Right from the thoughts that run in the mind, their assumptions, assumptions about self, and helping change, those faulty beliefs depression holds on to. The therapist will help to overcome the inertia step by step, take action, to make a life where once again you learn to believe yourself, connect with yourself, assert, and make changes to thoughts within and environment and circumstances around your actions!

Depression therapy at IWill is a program that has helped many people gain access to therapy and get better, back to lives that they wanted, where they can work, be happy, be themselves, and be free from thoughts that tire, pain, and break them!

Depression is not the same as sadness... It's tough, painful, and difficult. its a disorder, not a feeling... 


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