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Don’t take me for granted as a wife. It impacts my mental health

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When you don’t find time for me, it’s strange because I was expected to change my life for you, completely!

When you don’t stand for me when others attack me because you don’t want to get at your family, I wonder who am I? Why did the world change my life to be with you, when you don’t even consider me as a family?

When you ignore me to please others, I wonder why there is this expectation that now my world should revolve around you. How isolated, secondary, lonely are you wanting me to feel with no one for me, not even you?

When you say I nag when I ask for your attention, or when you forget things related to me, that it’s no big deal, I wonder how people expect me to forget even myself for you!

When you ignore my pains; emotions dreams because they are no big deal, while for your emotions and of others, you are ready to sacrifice mine...

I am expected to respect you like some god, and you don’t find the need to protect my respect or my emotions?

Dear husband. I am no longer capable of taking this discrimination. I am no longer ok with me being taken so for granted! This was a relationship of equals! I got married to find a companion, not be stranded alone!
I got married to find more mental peace, not to be isolated and lonely!
I got married to be happy, to have found a new home, not to feel like I matter to no one!

Your ignorance has impacted my mental health. Taking me for granted as though I am not important or you can do things for me later or even never, is not ok!
I deserve equal happiness, respect, love, and my life is as limited as you! It won’t go on forever! I feel pain as much as you guys do! I had a family even more loving and you had seen that too! I really have loved you a lot, I have tolerated a lot just to be with you but I can’t do this anymore, or I will break!

This was me Natasha sharing my pain with my husband in one of the IWill therapy sessions where you let it all out. This was my version of the pain, neglect I had faced... and I wasn’t ok facing this any longer...

I am working in therapy to heal myself, to stop the ignorance towards me, to regain my respect! And I won’t be ok with letting my mental health be impacted anymore...

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