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Don't expect me at places where my wife is hated for no reason 

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She is pretty that's a problem

She loves me that's a problem

She is ambitious that's a problem 

She laughs that a problem 


I loved her for all of it


At some point it went to talk bad about her in front of me and her and behind her.


I started getting pressured too, to judge my wife for being herself.

Everything that was normal would be presented in a way that would make it seem like she was doing something wrong.

Things that were said for her

It doesn't look nice she is overdressed. We don't say it others say! 


It doesn't look nice , she cuts you when you are talking. You will lose all respect.

She always tells her opinion to her. She has no respect for us. Why She is always speaking her mind. And it's always like we are here to listen to her! 


She cares more for her mother. See how she left listening to her mom is unwell. She never leaves a day's work for me. 

And these mny things I would get gaslighted by that. Because they were so constant and came from a source I trusted.

And that destroyed our relationship. Her happiness was not just gone. She was broken. Her smile was gone.


our iwill therapist helped me see how all of this was not true. She was beautiful and everyone has the free right to be themselves. How is her look offense to anyone? She is beautiful and it's an honor for me 


She yes speaks her mind but this is her home and it's always usually to say what she loves eating, or what she likes. This is her home now. I am her HOME

 Why should she not speak this? 

Yes she would go if her mom is unwell, as she would stay if mine was but that wasn't the case and we can't take away her love for her mother for this.

Yes she would be as it's her home and yes we need to accept

I need to love her. She is my wife. She can't be hated

When I stood up for her. Everyone turned up against me too. But why torturing a young girl, younger than my sister is wrong. I am her husband. Denying her love she deserves is wrong



I will not let her be in suffering anymore. I will not be at places where she is not loved.

I will not be at places where she isn't respected.

I will not be at places where she is not valued.



She is not a doll 

She is doing everything yet hated 

She won't be loved 


I will stand in tough times but not in days and place where my wife is traumatized, and spoken so badly about 

She has had enough 

If anything She deserves more for the good She has!


I'll be the man she deserves while being there doing all duties but I WONT BE PART OF MY WIFE'S ABUSE!


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