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Don't expect your wife to please and serve others at expense of her own health and happiness. It's so wrong 

Rajnish Shekhawat


Don't spend time with your husband because it makes us insecure. So what you are married to him and here for him, tolerate being alone, get crazy, be lonely but don't spend time with him.

Don't share what your dreams are. We don't want you to have any dreams outside our wishes. So what if you are educated and an independent person, so what like other daughter and sons, you too have wishes, we don't see you that way. Do what we say even if it breaks every dream that you had seen and even the person you were, with it 

Don't express yourself. Just sit there and listen to us and what our stories are. What we do as a family and change. Even if you feel completely empty. So what. 

Don't be so attached to your parents. Forget them. Even if they loved you all your life. Even if they mean the world to you. So what the husband is expected to love his family. So what if it is hypocritical..so what.


If this is your expectation from your wife, please stop it.

If this is what you are OK your wife to be put through please stop.

She married you for your love. How can she be denied that basic.

She needs her family like you, marriage cannot take away that.

She needs to feel at home. She is not someone who can be denied that place.

Your wife is experiencing depression. And the reason is may be some old outdated views and related egos. You should stand with her and help set normalcy for her. 

This was our therapist at IWill helping me understand and see what was so wrong for my wife in our home.

She helped me see how I had allowed by staying silent or Sometimes even agreeing with my parents, her abuse.

Therapist at IWill helped me see how wrong things were at my place for my wife. How her tears and her anger were a Reflection of the trauma and pain she was being subjected to, she was being denied her every happiness in the name of pleasing egos.

I stand with my wife and our time now. 

I don't take the expectation of ignoring my wife to please others at all now.

I don't let anyone come in the way of her dreams now

I feel sad that rather than being happy and feel like she has companionship for life, our marriage pushed her to depression. But I am also thankful that I understood the right thing to do in time and could save our marriage, our happiness and my wife's mental health.

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