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Don't let a third person decide what your partner needs from you. This is a recipe for pain, misunderstanding and emotional distress

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Why does your wife need so much time from you? You should stop this now or else your life will be ruined serving her

Why does your husband want you to always join his friends and wife. Does he do the same for you? He is trying to just make you a part of his circle and isolate you from yours

Women prefer men who can control them. Don't be so weak. Don't listen to everything she says 

He said no for coming to that movie because he was tired. No regard for your wish as a wife?

Don't mix up with your wife's parents. Don't go and stay there..you will lose all respect in their eyes.

He speaks so less. What a red flag this is.

What are these examples?

These are examples of people telling you how you should be your partner and what they do, what it means?

Well guess what most of the times this is why partners get further and further away and make each other so unhappy and unsatisfied emotionally and vulnerable in a marriage..it leads to arguments, fights that were caused by just others.

Well guess what your wife needs your time and your husband may really be tired and saying no.

Your wife's family is yours too and she needs to see you loving them and no if he speaks less, it's not a red flag most of the times.

Women don't prefer men who control them. Women prefer to be cared for and to care.

And your husband may be trying to make you meet his friends and family to help you bond with his own as he sees you a core part of his life.

When you see things from your partner's perspective.

Ask them what they need, listen, debate and even confront but do it as a team and not let third interference happen [ofcourse not applicable in cases of emotional or physical violence], marriages, relationship thrives.

Most people in couple therapy at iwill when they come are on verge of breaking up because of insecurity, ideas of others and not listening to the partner and their needs and forming an honest bond.

This is where we help and save marriages that never deserve to be broken. 

Remember it's your partner who tells you what they want, why they say things they do and you should not let anyone make judgements, suggestions on behalf of them. Couple relationshjp is called couple for a reason. It's you two! 

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