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Don't regret that you can't restart your life. Because you can reset it again today and now. You have unlimited chances even today 

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I wanted to do IIT but I couldn't qualify, how will I excel in my life now, it's wasted.

I have been not loved all my life, and I never stood up for myself.

I did so many mistakes, I never prioritized myself. And today I have fallen so behind. 

Nothing in my life is good, I have lived such a tough life.

Many times we all get stuck and tend to think like this, we may feel like things that have shaped our life are permanent and now there is no way back or no scope of improvement or that the life is wasted and nothing good can come out.

This is depression, anxiety or emotional issues that have set in and they are masking your ability to see a pathway to make brighter future.

In reality, you can start today to make change happen, you can start any moment to reset your life.

Life gives new way, new set of options to change life any moment.

The set of options to make these changes may be different but their impact is the same.

Like missing doing IIT as a college student, doesn't stop you from acquiring knowledge today, and working in your own path, with pushing yourself today.

Yes being in an abusive marriage and so many years gone in, is a huge loss, but the life today, the moment today, gives you a chance to assert, to say no, to grow, to focus on yourself.

May be someone you were rude with, isn't there in your life now and that is a regret, but there are others around and you can use the lesson to form beautiful bonds today.

You may have lost a loved one and yes that loss is irrecoverable. But there are loved ones, people around still wanting your attention, your love and life with them is alive.

Most importantly no matter how many setbacks, mistakes, betrayals by others, rough challenges, life hasn't given up on you, it's flowing, you are important to life, it wants you to learn, make changes, grow!


You are not in a race with anyone else.

This is your journey, live it, make it happen everyday.


Seek help, seek therapy, remove the pain clouding you, but believe in the power of resetting. Your life is as fresh as yesterday, options to make it happen may be different today than yesterday and this is what you need to learn.


So many people in IWill therapy come with overwhelming belief that this is all over.

That life has come to a stand still. And that no way it can change.

But the options that they count on are what have expired, not all the options.

We help them see, help them practice small changes in right direction appropriate for their life today can make big differences.

They gain back love, respect, and value for their life.

Life is the most precious gift! And it's alive and ready to take off each moment for you, give yourself and your life a chance.

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