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Dont expect someone who is a hypocrite. They will always have double standards for you

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Some people in life are so hypocritical!

They have different standards for you vs them!

They need love.
If you expect it, you are being selfish!

They expect pampering.
If you expect it, you are childish!

They expect respect and space for their needs and opinion!
If you expect, you are taking away their rights!

They expect everyone to love them, everyone to give them attention.
If you expect, you are trying to take their love away and trying to attract attention and make others unhappy.

Hypocritical people have this tendency to want the best for them, and never let same rules apply to you.

When you try to question, they blame you for not understanding the “differences”, of being “wrong “to them or not having the right “values”.

And this breaks you!! I had lost my mental health,
I was always angry, resenting, upset, and always attacked because I was surrounded by hypocritical people.

 I wanted them to change. I would reason with them. I would tell others to support but nothing would happen. Things will only get from bad to worse.

I felt so unlucky, so angry in this place with hypocrisy! I was beyond depressed.

I joined IWill therapy to manage my mental health and it was here that the therapist helped me to learn how to stop hypocritical patterns for myself.
I had to assert for myself.
I had to stop this hypocrisy!
I had to stop the double standards.
I started asserting my boundaries and speaking for myself!
My loved one joined therapy and the therapist helped them see too, that these double standards were breaking me! It was abuse and it wasn’t ok!

Everyone needs love because they deserve it.  It cannot be stripped away from someone just on basis of some illogical reasons!

My space to speak, be, was my right as of others and thus hypocrisy of no one was ok on this.

I needed love because I deserved it. It was for the relationship I had. Isolating me was not ok!

Double standards don’t go away by themselves!

Expecting things to change especially when hypocrisy has been there for a long is never ok... 

I have stood up for myself! No more ok with the hypocrisy of any kind. My emotions are valuable and important to me!

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