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Dont justify your emotional abuse as adjustments for women. It's toxic

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So what they dont like that your husband loves you. He is their son and they would like him to do, what they like. These are adjustments a woman needs to do.

So what if they ask you to laugh less, it's normal, you will have to adjust to their environment.

So what if you feel like there is a cold vibe and no one wants to talk to you, these are adjustments.

So what if you feel taunted every time, it's OK, this is your new home, your old ways will bother others. You need to adjust.

So what if you feel the sister in law gets more love in this home. Ofcourse she will, this is her home only. Adjust to it.

So what If you feel your parents and you are less respected, it's not less respect, it's normal as daughter's parents, adjust.



No sorry I won't adjust. I won't adjust a day more to emotional abuse in the name of society adjustments.


Isolation is emotional abuse.

Labeling someone is emotional abuse.

Making a woman drop her identity and her personality is big time emotional abuse.

Making someone a part of your life and then constantly showing how they are less is emotional abuse.

Disrespecting or sidelining my parents is emotional abuse.


And emotional abuse destroys a person's core, it makes them empty, depressed and broken from within


I have been through mental trauma and I am not ok with the so what anymore.

I am not going to let any change in my personality.

I am not going to accept a secondary status.

I am not going to be treated like I HAVE less right on my husband

I am not going to be tolerating any of this.


I had suicidal thoughts, I had stopped smiling, I always had puffy eyes, I had chronic sense of lack of respect and space and emptiness.

In therapy at IWill, I have overcome all my painful emotions, started a new life and I am not Going to let anyone abuse me anymore.


Adjustments that are emotional abuse are not ok

I will adjust to the person you are, if you adjust to the person I am

I will adjust to your personality, if you accept mine

I will adjust to your rights, if you accept and give respect to my rights too.

I will not let abuse be done to me in the name of adjustments. SORRY, but not sorry 

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