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Double-faced people always make the victim look bad 

S. Singh

Oh, why have you not eaten? I care for you a lot. Come eat first 

Vs, The next day, the same person didn't even respond to me when I called their name, they acted as though I wasn't there.

WHY the difference?

When they were showing their concern, someone was around. The next day I was alone with them! 


You must go, enjoy, and have a good life 

But I am so unwell today. But I want you to enjoy it. Don't spoil your mood for me!

I really wait for you... You should come, sit and be with me... I need you now!

Vs. when I am there, sarcastic remarks, putting me down, making me feel miserable about myself.

Hugging, asking for my wellbeing, giving respects to my family when someone is around

Vs Ignoring, giving cold vibes, treating my family different 

Saying in words that I am their child,  that they love me even more than that  (when someone is around)

Vs no bothering if my unwell, not even coming to see me when I had a major health incident, not even be concerned.


Saying that they want to see me happy, want me to have everything, success, and happiness

But treat me horribly behind closed doors, always take away people from spending time with me, and always making me isolated..


This was a person in my life. They had a double face and they never felt embarrassed about how I would feel with this... I didn't matter... They treated me horribly, always did things to isolate me or make me look bad, was always jealous about even the slightest of my praise. 

The worst was no one believed me. People around me would blame me to be disrespectful.

My dearest loved one would say I was the worst person...

I would be ignored, alone, and my plans would be canceled. I was tired of toxicity and abuse


I joined IWill therapy because I was in deep depression and complete hell due to this toxicity, BLAME on me, I looked like the bad person while I was the victim!
The therapist helped me first to heal myself

Next, she helped me ignore and not give their ignorance importance. She helped me focus on my career, ensuring I did things that made me grow, and made me rise above These PETTY things!

She then asked my loved one to also join therapy.

In IWill therapy, she helped him see how whether the person was good or bad, but he was ignoring duties towards me, canceling my plans, and not spending time with me and this was not OK... I was here just for him... I had a place in his life... And that he couldn't and shouldn't ignore me in this way!

She then also asked him to focus on if words actually change to love...

She asked him to take my side, spend time with me and see how the reaction and words of the person with double standards changes towards me!

And his experience was shocking!
The person who was so nice to me suddenly started being worse to me on my face in front of everyone. The mask of fakeness fell off!

I am glad I started IWill therapy and I could at least end this hypocrisy, this victim-blaming, this emotional abuse I went through from a double-faced person!

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