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Dramatic People In Home Control Everything And Make The Other Person Look Bad

S. Dhillon

Dramatic person: They went out together for dinner. Everyone has forgotten me. Earlier could this be the case? It’s always that I am ignored and alone...

And then there was drama as soon as I came back... I had to apologize just for spending some good time and no one spoke to me too that day or the next day.

Dramatic person: if I get a gift or some praise, they get angry or find some reason to be disturbed... this would happen every time

Dramatic person: They would make the slightest of my mistake a big deal and let everyone get involved and unless everybody reacted, they didn’t stop.

Dramatic person: they guilt-tripped my loved one even for spending 5 mins with me... they would remind them of their duties, big things that were done for them, and how I completely was not the person who should get their attention.

Anyone can feel sick but they would feel it every time I wanted my loved one to be with me... and it would get better as soon as I was isolated...

The worst pain was that I couldn’t say anything. If I said something, I would be the one who would look bad... because the dramatic person was always manipulative, always making me look bad, always guilt-tripping!

But I had been denied all Rights.
Everything was taken away from me! I was always alone, bullied, made to feel small, and had no control over my own life!

It was then that I joined IWill therapy.

Because I had been through toxicity.... here is where my loved one too realized that no matter what denial of love and space to me was abuse, making me constantly feel bad for needing basics was abuse!

The therapist helped me to assert myself and helped my loved one also to see if the guilt was well placed...

She also helped me to have a boundary and have my own goals and sense of worth and not be there all the time to face abuse.

The drama didn’t stop but it stopped impacting me, and my loved one.

Also, we stopped taking abuse in the name of guilt... this person still makes me look like the bad one but people who matter don’t believe that anymore and those who don’t matter  I don’t care what they think.

The person with drama can cause a lot of issues but I am glad I found help, and put the control back of my life in my hands

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