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Emotional abuse is worst form of pain, inflicted by someone who you least expected to 

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Signs you are in an emotionally abusive relationship

1. You are supposed to be only serving someone's needs. You can't ask for things in return 

2. If you fail to serve them or do things they want, you are nothing for them. They don't want to understand your hardships or be there for you.

3. They always compare you and keep you feeling less and create a competition of sorts between them and others

4. They are unpredictable and they will shower you with love and then totally ignore and discard you and even give others importance to make you feel empty and jealous 

5. They like to take away their attention from you and keep you guessing what you mean for them and you constantly have to prove your worth to them, to be anything for them

6. They go in anger outbursts. Or silent treatment. This behavior is so difficult to understand as they are important to you and their words hurt, their silence hurts and they use this to blame you.

7. They first wrong you and then when you try to create a distance from them. They come and attack you for this distance and make it look like your fault.


8. They are so insecure of your achievements and growth that they can't take your shine. It bothers them to the core. They are never giving you praises but raising your insecurities! 


9. They suddenly become aggressive. It's tough to predict what's on their mind! 


10. They never care for your feelings. It's always about them. What hurts them. What makes them happy. What is that they want and it's always around that  your life must revolve.


11. They blame you for their created problems. 


If you are in an emotionally abusive relationship, you will be dealing with a lot of self doubt, a lot of hurt, a lot of being stuck in your mind space. You will feel never good enough, unable to pursue your goals


Emotional abusers capture your mind because they are close. Their hurt is personal and unexpected and never something you felt you deserved. They also did give you mixed signals because of which you further crave back their attention


It can be draining

It can also be isolating as you don't want to expose this weakness in front of anyone else.

It is also exhausting as the wait for change is endless.



If you are dealing with emotional abuse, iwill therapy can really help. First it is important to see your priority, your importance. The person or lens with which you are seeing your life is broken. And hence you see your self broken.

You need a fresh perspective, you need to be able to also de-addict your mind from the tricks and pain they cause to your heart!

You must focus on your career and your life. And for that you need to be able to deal and process with hurt, the brain's entanglement of self-worth that has become attached to this one person or group, and Therapy helps here

Many people in abusive relationships who had lost their life, their career, their happiness, after therapy are able to disconnect themselves from the need to have the validation,

and attention of this one person who is dealing with their own self-worth issues.

They feel revived and able to disconnect from the hurt and see that the problem was this person, their patten, not you!

Therapy at IWill is available online. Just press the start iwill journey button, start assessments and book sessions with your recommended therapist and program or download the app from below and follow the same process! 


You deserve to heal! You deserve to see your worth and be free from this bandage of someone who has self worth issues themselves! 

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