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Emotional health needs to be a priority. You can’t live each day in pain & cursing your existence

S. Sharma

My worsened emotional health

Every day I would wake up, I would be anxious. I had only fear of what my day would be like.
I had been left so behind that I didn’t want to meet anyone now.

I had been focusing on toxic relationships, crying all the time! Because I would be ignored, and talked bad by people around me and I would focus more on them, try to please them, and feel bad about myself due to their behavior! And this pattern destroyed me... it made me restless, unhappy, always worried and hurt!

I cried and days, months and even years passed.
I didn’t have coping skills.
My career was not there.
I had no direction.
I didn’t know where my life was going!

Emotional pain and ignorance of it had made my whole life just a slave of it.

Everyone made fun of me or talked behind my back. How I was not successful, how I was weak, I didn’t have skills, and more...

I decided to join IWill therapy

It was in IWill therapy that my therapist helped me first challenge negative beliefs about myself.

She helped me learn to cope better with the pain that comes, to not leave my work, and things that would benefit me when someone talks bad to me or some trigger happens.

She helped me build my positive coping skills!

The therapist also helped me in asserting, of being indifferent to other people’s opinions, of being my own person! She helped me stop looking for validation! She helped me have a perspective of my own!

She worked with me to help me not Suffocate inside but live for myself, heal my emotionally broken side, have positive control over my life, have respect for me!

I am healed today and growing, making others so surprised!
6 months since therapy, I work a job, I assert! I know I will get there where I am destined to! I don’t care what others think of me! I know it’s my journey! I don’t cry when someone is mean to me, I let them know that I have the power to assert myself!

Prioritizing my emotional health has helped me prioritize myself! I have got my life back.
I passed years and decades in sadness! I can’t get those years back but at least I have a life today where I am happy, I am my priority, I work hard and I feel relaxed and in charge, lucky and able!

I have got my emotional wellness back and I am so grateful for that.

S. Sharma

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