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Everybody will mock you, will write you off, but the most important thing is for you to believe in yourself

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It's been 7 years. They have a mediocre job..not even a home. Look at everyone else in the family, they have done so well for themselves.

They are always in debt. They have no money.such weak people.


I don't think they will ever make it.

She is the problem.. she doesn't let her husband do good too.


They don't even have kids. What a useless life.

They also had a case with someone. Ashamed of them.

I have been through all of this.

Case which was fake, no kids because health was bad, no growth because while pursuing career, had so many issues alongside of pain and hurt.

And then there were people, everyone who could help left. Everyone who was there made us feel small and weak.

To be honest, there would be many days when I would feel completely broken and shattered, not wanting to do anything anymore, just giving up. I was tired of the shame, guilt and hurt I felt just for trying.


I didn't want to give up, yet now I was at a point, that going forward so looked tough.


I joined IWill therapy with my husband on suggestion of a friend. First it felt like who can help us with our life. But it was the best decision we made. This is because our life, our world originates from our mind.

How we feel and think about ourselves and how much we are able to act, ignoring the hurt from all sides, decides our future.


And the therapist at IWill helped us said, we didn't owe anyone anything. We didn't need to face guilt, shame and pain. We were trying. Those heavy emotions we need to understand, process and let go.

We need to try with all our might, believing this time we will make it.

We need to try with all our being, and not listen to anyone, not to be deterred by public opinion, people's opinion on us.

She helped us see that despite struggle, we haven't withered, that despite being so alone, we haven't really given up.


She helped us assert, focus, let the negative baggage of the mind go away, she helped us stop feeling ashamed of ourselves, set goals and commitments and accordingly fulfill them.

We started ignoring or being less worried about what people say to us and more excited about what our work will say as we succeed.

We fought all battles, withered all storm and took help, healed, cut toxicity out, stopped our mind from playing scenarios of how world sees us and we won. 

Today we have a home our own.

We have work that makes us proud 

We won the case that was mere mud slinging 

I am pregnant and due in 1 month.

6 months of changing our mind, our people, our situation, our thoughts and our actions 

We are winning and we are secure where we are.


We owe no explanation to anyone.

We need no certificate from anyone.

We are happy to be who we are. And we are happy to have taken this time to succeed.

Not everyone's story is same and our story's validation we don't need from anyone else.

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