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Five types of crying behavior that are abnormal

IWill Expert

Crying is a normal human activity. It allows one to release painful emotions, feel better and lighter, and in control through the process!

However following 5 types of crying patterns are associated with mental and emotional health issues that need to be addressed and whee crying, merely is a symptom of a Deeper but much larger problem

1. Crying spells

Uncontrolled crying that continues even when there is no obvious reason in the present moment can be a sign of depression or anxiety disorders!

A crying spell doesn’t heal a person! On the contrary, it triggers more pain. Crying spells are also repetitive.

If this pattern of crying has been going on for more than 2 weeks and you are also dealing with a lot of emotional issues or personal issues, it is important that you start therapy!
You need to put the underlying reason for pain in control immediately

2. Crying when talking to a loved one

You are hurt because of a loved one. You want to talk to them. And yet when you try talking to them, tears start to roll out instead! You don’t know what to say, you are so hurt even opening up about your hurt! And then they ignore and you cry more. You get angry too. If this is what is happening more often if you have an ongoing hurt or discord then it’s a sign you could be having depression because of relationship issues and you need both individual therapy and couple therapy!

3. Crying internally so bad but no tears outside.

Sometimes a person cries within. They only have pain within them. They can't get tears at these moments but they are choking internally.

Everything looks stuck, or over. The mind is full of confusing thoughts with no clear action. This could be a real sign of severe depression especially if it’s going on for sometime!

The more severe the internal crying is, the worse the hurt!
Starting therapy to overcome and declutter and untangle all the thoughts, assumptions, painful stories is a must to help you step by step overcoming depression!

4. Crying at the drop of a hat

A bad word, a small thing, a delay in a mail, a phone call, a rude look, something in the past, self doubt, if anything that’s remotely hurtful tears you up, if it’s a pattern that exists and if you feel too sensitive, it could be a sign something is up with you emotionally and you probably know it too! Seek therapy at IWill and overcome the sensitive side! It’s a gift to others who would and can use it to their advantage. They can say a small thing to you and be sure it would unsettle you a lot! Something that you don’t want and you should get over from!

5. Crying first thing in the morning
If you wake up and within minutes you feel, confused, demotivated so much so that you start to cry, it’s a big red flag for depression! Seek therapy. You need freedom from being locked in pain, in lack of actions, in only painful thoughts!

All these 5 crying behaviors are not normal. They signal emotional and mental health issues. You would surely be experiencing life difficulties given these crying patterns!
Seek therapy at IWill today! Don’t wait! You know, you are not OK. You are not dealing well with life and you need help...

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