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Ghosting someone is such a bad way to end anything

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We had met and were having such a good time together.

He suddenly just stopped taking my messages or calls, he blocked me from everywhere. This was a day before we had decided to meet again. I kept messaging, kept pinging, I didn't understand what happened, I didn't know why would he do this to me, it was insulting, humiliating but also very unexpected and painful. But he just never connected again....Never 

I was working with someone. We were doing a project together. They were in another job but they had worked very well with me and said that they would definitely want to be a part of this. Suddenly one night before the interview, they blocked me. They stopped responding, I wrote mails and messages, I asked even if they can't make it, to just communicate with me. But they didn't, that night I almost felt like I will lose my life to stress, it was painful, it was unprofessional, unpleasant and totally unexpected.

Ghosting is a phenomenon of blocking someone out from communication, from responses, from any flow of information completely and this is done without any signs or warning.


Ghosting can be highly hurtful.

It can hamper self esteem or sometimes even practically, if this happens in work. 

It is a cruel rejection, one with not even an acknowledgement. The person ghosted feels irrelevant and completely shut. 

It can make one scared of future relationships, and loop a person in endless questions, self doubt and agony.

While the ghoster feels It's happened without any "drama" for them, it's a poor way of dealing with closures, very likely going to affect them in future.


What to do if you have been ghosted 

1. First know it isn't about you. It's about them. They don't know how to deal with closures or make decisions for them, it's not your guilt.

2. Process this ghosting in ways like this happened because things didn't match, the person may have had some of their own issues. Rather than making it about self or even betrayal, see it as something that could have some logical simple reasons. This way of thinking will make you feel better relaxed.

3. Seek therapy at IWill. It could be that you may have a lot of hurt, this may have impacted you in ways that caused you more damage either personal or even professional. Therapy will also help you prioritize yourself and in future do things that can better prepare you or even reduce such experiences. 


What to do if you are ghosting others 

1. Develop the skill to communicate: No matter how afraid you are, or how much you think it will cause drama, the other person needs closure. This will help you to develop a skill to manage your relationships in a better way.

2. Every relationship you form no matter how less important it is for you, it deserves respect and the person on the other side, needs to be treated with Dignity.

3. There may be alternatives: Unless you talk, and talk openly, you don't know what else is possible, at work or in personal life. Talking, sorting the matters out is always helpful.


Ghosting is not the way to end anything. It breaks trust and heart, sometimes for much long term. 

Seek help at IWill seek support if you are hurting within or finding it difficult to carry on..you don't have to suffer in silence or handle this alone.

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