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Good people suffer because they are often manipulated against and misunderstood 

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People who are nice at heart don’t necessarily speak a lot for self or about others. 

They usually speak what is in their heart or what a life that they want, that is simple.

These are some great qualities but oftentimes this simplicity comes in their way. 


People may manipulate against them and depict their honesty and simplicity as selfishness or being “not good”. 


The reason that they can’t fake is why they often can’t feel happy when they are being said things that are not in agreement with their principles and values and this is also something that is often used against them. 


It’s easier to Paint them bad because they don’t usually fake or form groups.

They usually never speak back to others because they don't want to hurt anyone and its used against them

It’s easier to blame things on them because they avoid drama and won’t sit to clarify

It’s easier to make them look like an outsider because it’s difficult for them to engage in conversations that are derogatory or mean to others 

They find it hard to form gossip groups.

They would protect others and get on in others’ defense that also may be used against them. 

This leads them isolated, unhappy, feeling abandoned, misunderstood and attacked! 

It’s important to take care of your mental health. It’s important to assert and have a say when others are manipulating against you. It’s also important to have a distance from toxic people. 

It’s important to not let others get away with manipulating! 

Seek therapy if you feel broken! Have your space, chase your goals, don’t feel bad if someone is manipulating you. One day it will reflect on them! You focus on your mental health and your own goals!


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