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Grief of losing loved one is the worst and unimaginable pain in the world

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Losing a loved one is losing an era, losing that part of self that knew how to trust, how to love, who to look up to, who to hold when in pain, who to spend time with, who to identify with, who to call when in pain, who to take care of and work hard for...

Losing a loved one is not just about losing a person. It’s about losing everything that the world meant to the grieving person.

It’s about losing self, the meaning of life, the days of life...

Grief doesn’t leave one just like that. Grief grows on a person. The emptiness every day increases. The loss compounds with each passing day. The self who knew how to rely on someone craves and chokes every day.

The grieving period is filled with denial, wanting for miracles, the guilt of not doing enough for the loved one, anger at everyone, or at someone for taking the most important person away..: grieving is a period of denial, anger, depression, acceptance and there is no right time by when all this pain should be over...

Grief is a journey one has to travel by themselves but what helps is having someone to whom you can speak freely about all that haunts you, all that pains you, about what you have lost, how is impacting you, what can you do to bring yourself out of this, make days somewhat less empty, somewhat less painful and heartbreaking. Grief therapists help with acknowledgment, acceptance, adjustment to what can’t be adjusted to, helping regain repurpose and some perspective and lessen the overwhelming and heartbreaking hurt.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one and it’s becoming difficult for you to cope with it, the pain is becoming intensified, you feel brain fog or emptiness with no purpose, or no motivation to do anything, despite trying, this could be depression. Seek therapy for this...don’t be alone in this.

To lose a loved one is losing a key part of self... one needs to find a way to hold on and repurpose and reimagine a self.. but there is no one way to deal with grief... you don’t have to push yourself, be hard on yourself for recovery.. just take your time, seek therapeutic professional help and take support from loved ones

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