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Health issues can cause so much mental TRAUMA

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How does it feel when you lose a job? lose a loved one? lose a great time? lose a friend? 

Painful isn't it? 

So how do you think would someone feel when they lose their healthy self?

How do you think someone will feel when their body is acting against them?

How do you think someone would feel when every day, every second they miss their healthy self? How do you think someone would feel when they don't feel up to doing things in life or when their mind wants them to enjoy but their body limits them? 

How do you think a person would live with a sense of loss of their old self? their healthy self where they could do anything, feel amazing and in control. 

Health issues don't just impact the body. They impact a person's mind, spirit, outlook towards life, their relationships and their motivation severely. 

Somebody struggling with health issues experiences a de-personalization, trauma, severe anxiety, depression, and irritation that only they know... Worse, no one can help them. 

Magically by trying hard, they cannot fix the problem. It takes time, often months and even years or even a lifetime is taken away of a person, dealing with a chronic illness and a person's spirit start to drain out, pain drags their hope down and they feel a misfit in a healthier environment and especially comparing their old healthy and agile self to them. 


Signs of Health Trauma

If someone has suffered from a serious health attack like cancer, heart issues, kidney issues or someone is dealing with chronic health issues like digestive disorders, thyroid disorders, reproductive disorders, to name a few, they are very likely to develop trauma of health.

The signs of health trauma are extreme anxiety, feeling depressed and hopeless, noticing the smallest signs of health issues and starting to worry or even get panic attacks out of fear, sudden crying that is inconsolable, constant health talks with a loved one, nightmares or night sweats, chills and frequent urination. 


Emotions experienced by someone struggling with health trauma 

1. Constant Frustration with the way how body feels and also because the person wants to get immediately healthy like they once were and this doesn't happen 

2. Self Pity and Self-Hate especially when comparing self to others around or to how they once were. 

3. Irritability and Anger because of dealing with the body pains and also because of the changed lifestyle, inability to do as much as they would have done if they were healthy 

4. Hopelessness in all aspects of life because work, relationship, love life, daily routines all get impacted and a person finds it tough to imagine a good life at the other side 

5. Fear and intense panic as soon as slightest of symptom is experienced because the person lives in constant fear that the worse to their health and their life would happen again 

6. Wanting to be alone all the time and feeling like a misfit with others. 

7.  Embarrassment due to sudden body changes and not wanting to meet anyone because of this.

8. Completely locked in thinking about only health and not able to do anything else or even think anything beyond health because of the overwhelming IMPACT it has 

9. "Why me" kind of thinking pattern that makes a person freeze and feel like they are the only one who is going through a lot especially in comparison to others around 


Why does a person going through Health Trauma need emotional therapy? 

A person battling health issues is going through a lot. Understanding their psychology is not even possible for someone who is not in their shoes. And yet if they are left alone to sink with the pain of the health trauma or if they are allowed to be isolated, not only their health will worsen, a life that still is beautiful and can be made worthwhile will suffer too. Hence therapy can help take control of a lot of negative baggage and trauma from the person already dealing with a health crisis.


The first thing we do is to help them vent out as much as possible, for as long as they want to, so that they can get this all out of their system. Living with a chronic illness or with a sense of lack of health is never easy and its important that the pain is addressed. The next step is to involve the loved ones and help them see why they need to extend their support and listen and heal and comfort their loved one, no matter how draining it gets for them as their support is indispensable. 

Next, we help the person truly get positive and see that the worse will not repeat, that the mind too heals the body and that thinking positive and giving body-positive signals can be learned and that good can and will happen. We also help the person accept the changes as the new reality and not to live in denial and not to be traumatized each time, they experienced these symptoms. We help them see they have survived this pain for so long and that they are stronger and the illness is not larger than them. 

We also help the person step by step get active, busy, happier so that they can get involved in work, in activities that give them a sense of fulfillment and take away their time from just thinking and getting lost in health woes. 

We also help a person understand when the panic can occur and if it occurs, how to naturally calm their body and give it the strength it needs from within. 

Health Trauma is a real illness. It lives with chronic physical illnesses and health trauma as much and sometimes, even more, takes away a person's ability to live a normal life and have happiness.

We at IWill work closely with the patient and the family to help them completely get past this trauma slowly and steadily and help them gain a much brighter perspective towards their life. Start therapy today for you/your loved one... We are here



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