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Helping my mother in law come out of depression has been my mission and I have succeeded!

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Ever since my father in law became unwell, my mother in law's life changed so much.

She stopped going out, busy in caregiving and prayers, she ignored herself, she was just so consumed in that shock.

Eventually my father in law got better but she couldn't bounce back mentally.

She would be in her room, imagine the worst, feel hopeless, had become very less active and was hardly speaking.

I felt something was not right and I immediately booked therapy for her. Her iwill therapist spoke to her on call, initially she was resistant but as she started speaking it became clear she had depression.

My mother in law had lost her father just like this, where he got unwell and couldn't revive back, so this had made her internalize that she would lose her husband too. My mother in law's life revolved around my father in law since marriage and so the fear of losing him, and seeing him unwell, make her go into deep shock and feel like life will have no meaning.

With therapist, she started opening up, as therapist instructed me too, I encouraged my mom in law to go out with friends, sit with her peers, start cooking for fun again especially putting it online and helping her feel purposeful.

On days she didn't want to get up out of her bed, I displayed empathy and helped her feel better, talking to.her.

Through therapy, social interaction, and activities that make her feel purposeful, she is out of depression now.

She smiles, she sits with us, she cooks and posts pictures online and to her friends, she feels life is worth and that has been my most rewarding thing to see, to see my mother in law come back from depression and leading a great life

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