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How Couple Therapy Saved Our Marriage

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When I got married to Raj, I was full of hopes and dreams. I thought I had found my soulmate, someone who would love me unconditionally and support me in every situation. I was ready to start a new life with him, in a new home, with a new family.

But soon, I realized that my expectations were far from reality.


Raj's family was conservative and traditional. They did not accept me as their daughter-in-law. They criticized me for everything I did or did not do.

They made me feel unwelcome and unwanted. They even tried to convince Raj to divorce me and marry someone else. I don't know why it happened but that was all that was.


Raj was torn between me and his family. He loved me but he started to ignore me and avoid me. He stopped spending time with me, talking to me, or showing me any affection. He became distant and cold. He seemed to have forgotten why he married me in the first place.


I felt lonely, hurt, and betrayed. I tried to communicate with him, to understand his feelings, to make him see my point of view. But he refused to listen. He shut me out. He blamed me for everything that was wrong in our marriage. He said I was too modern, too independent, too selfish. He said I did not respect his culture, his values, his family. He said I did not love him enough.

I was heartbroken. I did not know what to do. I loved him, but I also loved myself. I wanted to be happy, but I also wanted him to be happy. I wanted to save our marriage, but I also wanted to save myself.

That's when I decided to seek help. I searched online for couple therapy and found IWill¹, a specialized online therapy platform. I read their website and their blogs and was impressed by their approach and their success stories. I decided to give it a try and booked a session with one of their therapists.

The therapist was very friendly and professional. She listened to me patiently and empathetically. She asked me some questions to understand my situation better. She then explained to me the concept of couple therapy and how it works.

She said that couple therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps couples improve their relationship by resolving conflicts, enhancing communication, and strengthening bonds.

She said that couple therapy can help couples deal with various issues, such as adjustment problems, intimacy issues, trust issues, infidelity, abuse, divorce, etc. She said that couple therapy can help couples rediscover their love, respect, and compatibility.

She then invited Raj to join online sessions. 

At first, he was reluctant and skeptical. He said he did not need any therapy. He said he did not have any problem. He said it was all my fault. But the therapist was very persuasive and convincing. She explained to him the benefits of couple therapy and how it could help him and me. She assured him that she was not there to judge him or blame him, but to help him and support him. She asked him to give it a chance and see for himself.

Raj agreed to join the session. The IWill therapist then started the therapy process. She used various techniques and exercises to help us communicate better, understand each other better, empathize with each other better, and appreciate each other better. She helped us identify and address the root causes of our problems.

She helped us find solutions and strategies to cope with our challenges. She helped us set goals and expectations for our relationship. She helped us rebuild our trust and respect for each other. She helped us rekindle our romance and passion for each other.


The therapy process was not easy. It was challenging and painful at times. We had to face our fears, our insecurities, our mistakes, our regrets. We had to confront our differences, our conflicts, our resentments.

We had to open up, be honest, be vulnerable. We had to listen, be respectful, be supportive. We had to compromise, be flexible, be adaptable. We had to change, be positive, be hopeful.

But it was also rewarding and healing. We learned a lot about ourselves, each other, and our relationship. We gained new insights, perspectives, and skills. We developed new habits, behaviors, and attitudes. We experienced new emotions, feelings, and sensations. We discovered new aspects, dimensions, and potentials of our relationship. We grew as individuals and as a couple.

The therapy process was transformative. It changed our relationship for the better. It made us happier, healthier, and stronger. It made us more compatible, more connected, and more committed. It made us one team, totally in love with each other.

We are grateful to IWill and our therapist for helping us save our marriage.

We are thankful for the opportunity to start afresh, with a new vision, a new mission, and a new purpose.

We are hopeful for the future, with a new confidence, a new optimism, and a new enthusiasm. Raj loves me, never ignores me, stands by me.

I feel heard and seen

We are happy. We are in love. We are IWill.


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