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How does a person feel when they have Depression?

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Depression is a serious mental health disorder that leads to chronic and continuing hopelessness, mood changes, breakdown of motivation, energy, inability to think and act clearly, inability to sometimes even plan what needs to be done, confusion, worthlessness and sleep, and eating changes. 

Depression impacts every aspect of a person’s life in one way or the other! It breaks them emotionally, makes them lonely from within because they can’t go about their life in the same manner anywhere.  It has devastating effects on a person’s professional, personal, emotional life if left untreated.

Here is how someone feels with depression on a daily basis

1. Not waking up happy, the mornings may look rushed, worked up, uncomfortable, and even confusing. When depression is severe, getting up from bed could be a big task that a person finds difficulty in overcoming 


2. Not being able to plan the day and passing many days and months not being able to do work in desired way- 

Depression makes it tough to believe on yourself, to have clarity and plan things, to have motivation and energy! This has a lasting impact on a person’s ability to work. Tasks become chores that are too tough. Everything looks impossible. Planning and sticking to routine becomes tough. Every day the person may think to change tomorrow but that usually doesn’t happen!


3. Inability to feel good about self

Comparisons drown a person, it looks like they are just not good enough. Everything negative weighs on the mind. Chronic self-doubt; self-pity and excessive guilt Keep breaking the person down. 


4. Everything seems lost 

Career, relationships, life everything seems lost. It looks like life has no way to align itself to become what it used to be. The happiness, the expectations being fulfilled, the fun being there, the dreams, the success path, all of it looks like it’s just gone and lost, even when person tries to challenge this, they find it hard to actually believe and act towards this.


If you are going through this if you feel all is over, even if there are many issues around you; If you have been through immense pain and now you find it difficult to even take a step in the direction of healing,

If you feel like you have been left out or will be left out, that you are not as loved. That you are lonely and your loved ones don’t care about you deeply and this has broken you; 

Let us tell you that these feelings can go forever! That you can feel the motivation, the drive again despite challenges! That your mind can stop playing the blame game on you, that it can direct you to start believing yourself and be confident about your chances!

You need to start therapy and treatment! You may think talking won’t help, nothing can help you. But this is the depression talking, just imagine if you can get the energy back to live, to speak, to have fun, to work, and ignore the challenges that may have been there!

That if you find a way to move on and up from your hurt and not be a slave of how conditions around you, how good that would be!


This is what happens and will happen with treatment, with care, with speaking, and having regular professional assistance sometimes even twice a week until you don’t need anyone again. 

Seek therapy, don’t let your life pass in pain! Don’t suffer in silence! Talk to a trusted person! Depression is treatable!

It’s ok not to be ok! Please don’t give up on your happiness! Don’t suffer in silence 

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