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How to build RESILIENCE: The capacity to bounce quickly from difficulties

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Life throws many challenges at us.
We sometimes face emotional abuse. We face setbacks. People lose their loved ones, have career setbacks, and have economic and social unrest...

And these very factors lead to mental health issues.

When a person has mental distress or issue, not only he/she feels broken from the inside but also cannot live life to their potential. They miss out on things, careers, standing up for themselves, even when they want to do things for themselves...

The key skill that can help protect a person from falling into severe issues emotionally and also bounce back rapidly is resilience

Resilience is a person’s capability of bouncing back from difficult situations.

5 ways to build resilience

1. Proactively nurture a positive view of self

People and situations would want you to see yourself in a bad light. That you are not enough, that you can’t be anything, but in reality, it’s the opposite: the better you think of yourself and your life’s chances, the better you cope with things and get overcome problems... so nurture a positive sense of self. Do small things that boost your confidence, talk to self positively, and whenever something brings in self-doubt in you, counteract that with bringing positive feelings for yourself. If you feel you can fight anything, you will fight the toughest things!

2. Have a support circle
There should be people who you can talk to, rely on, ask for help, go to whenever you are dealing with a tough issue or even otherwise. The presence of a group of friends or family or even peer support can help a person bounce back because of the support, empathy, and care of loved ones.

3. Seeking therapy
If you cry and get hurt even on the smallest things, if you are unable to get yourself together to do things that will process you or change the course of life that needs to change, make bold decisions and you are just not able to do any of it, you need therapy... therapy will help build resilience to accept the present, work on self and life and make a better future while also learning skills to cope with uncertainty, adversary and painful events..: Therapy is like building that muscle of resilience that lasts. (You can book IWill Therapy today, start from "Start iwill therapy" on top of the page)

4. Keeping things in perspective and maintaining a hopeful outcome.

No matter what happens in life, keep that as a stand-alone. Don’t connect the dots and stop your mind from painting a story that things aren’t hopeful for you... Things are hopeful and they will continue to be...

5. Practice mindfulness and being in control

Try and stay in the present, one step at a time. This helps cope with any tough situation. It helps to not let fear overwhelm you before it’s time. It helps you take the right steps and next whatever the outcome, you can be sure of at least taking the right actions!

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