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How to deal when life throws one problem after other at you and you become exhausted

S. Sharma

I was going through a rough patch where I was getting into one trouble after the other.

I had relationship issues.
I had health issues.
I started having financial issues.
I started becoming someone who was always attacked by others around.

I was exhausted. I was Scared for my future. I didn’t want to live. I had become so helpless.

When I woke up, I started having anxiety in the morning.
I would want to do nothing. I would try meeting people but the way they would say something or the other, make a remark and it would break me further! 


I felt like I was the unluckiest. I had tried changing things many times but something or the other would happen!

I had shown to many astrologers, and gone to many people for help but nothing worked... 


My mental health had taken a complete toll. And I was a different person, crying, yelling, broken, exhausted, full of pain, embarrassment, confusions, insecurities and hurt! 


I joined IWill therapy one day to vent. To be very honest, I never thought therapy could change anything in my life. It was all my luck. 


The therapist at IWill on the first day, listened to me, spoke so much to me, heard all my hurt and I kept crying... and she assured me my life would change if I would commit to it. I would have happiness and peace and better coping, the way I wanted... 


Those words stayed with me! I started the full program. 


The therapist helped me learn the following things 

1. Stop getting so overwhelmed with fear of what is going to happen and still work, do things in my present. 

2. Consciously choose activities that gave me happiness and avoid people and things that broke me until I was ready. 

3. Take care of myself, this included my health, my finances. Take charge of my life and resolve things 

4. She also helped me work on my thought patterns and made this feeling go away from me, that I was unlucky. Things happened and I was also not as prepared...

5. She helped me get emotionally stronger and not worry or think about what will people say, this is what was breaking me! I had to be concerned with the here and now of today, not what people say or don’t say! 


IWill Therapy helped me become so strong. It helped me start taking action for my happiness and keep going despite challenges. 

It helped me not think of myself as someone who is “helpless” or completely dependent but feels in charge and powerful! 

It’s been a year since my therapy and  I wake up not with fear but with determination.

I keep doing the right thing despite the trouble. 

People around have started maintaining their boundaries!

I am doing better for myself and I know would be even better!


Life is not helpless anymore. Because I am in charge and I don’t break down anymore... I know sky is the limit for me and I will get there 

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