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How to feel happy when you feel that everything is getting worse?

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Sometimes life goes from bad to worse. Sometimes the inner strength to continue changes completely.

May be there are juncture in life where there are vicious cycle, lack of happiness, Some big dream looking lost, pain and hurt.

And everything just feels it's getting worse, doors are closing. What does one do then? How does one feel happy?


Feeling better and happy is important because if you don't, the pain will only further consume you, pain will further limit you and your chances to fight, so much is happening. You deserve empathy too.

Here are the tips that can help you

1. Take Psychologists' help

Pain and setbacks in life often represent a pattern that needs to be broken. Things happen in our life because a good or bad pattern sets in and makes it happen and it becomes to identify what this pattern is sometimes on our own, it becomes difficult to bring about change. Therapist helps you with that, in identifying why are more problems coming your way, why there is more hurt, why there is lack of fulfillment, and work on things that can be changed. Self doubt, hurt, lack of focus, lack of priority for self, lack of assertion for example, could be there.


2. Speak out as often as needed 

Don't bottle up your feelings, you need to be able to share, say, things that are hurting, get poor and painful thoughts spoken and out of your mind, you need to feel you have people around who care, who want to.lisyen, sharing also helps getting a different perspective so always share.


3. Stay in action

No matter how tough things get, no matter how many setbacks, have come, stay active, have a routine, it helps you from not drowning in pain or overthinking scenarios that can only cause more hurt. STAYING in action helps a lot in finding path to motivation and belief and hope.

4. Believe in your self worth despite others and issues

You are enough. You have intrinsic value, whether somethings happened that were good for you or otherwise, you always are worthy. An intrinsic self worth is important for happiness. Things you want today won't be there tomorrow anyways. 

As long as you believe, trust in yourself, things will change, become better, be happy that you have yourself, you are enough, doesn't matter of others don't see it as of now. They are no one to judge you and don't know how much you did to overcome, what all you went through, they don't appreciate your sacrifices, it's their loss!

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