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How to finally cut a toxic relationship?

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So many clients in iwill therapy are there in the first place because a toxic relationship got them stuck, made them mentally exhausted, making them lonely, drove purpose out of their life and made them depressed!

Yes, a person in therapy is taught to be happy no matter what the environment but it’s also about knowing to cut those relationships no matter how close they are, that are designed to hurt you, suck life out of you, make you feel worthless and just be one-sided. 

The first step, therefore, is to recognize what is a toxic relationship? Here are some signs of it 


1. The duty to do, to provide, to be in a relationship is only yours!

You must do everything, you should understand, you should stand by them, you should understand their emotions, their social obligations but when it comes to them, they are unavailable, they don’t respect what you want from them, they don’t even listen to you... 


2. They can be very toxic in the way they speak to you or how they treat you

They can ignore you, be cold to you, never praise you or do so when they want to. They can put the blame of their life on you, they never take responsibility of what happens in this relationship, and when you hold them accountable, they break you and denigrate you!


3. They give you emotional comfort, on their will. And when they want you to do something for them. 

They may show affection or love, but it’s on their terms. When they need you to do something for them, their empathy will rebound for you! 


4. They don’t make you feel good or confident about yourself 

They would never be happy in uplifting you. They would bring you down basis how they are feeling. They don’t see how your emotions are, what you want.


5. They will disrespect your family, your friends 

They don’t want you to have a circle. If you have other people around, their toxic spell can fall loose and hence they force you, manipulate you to dislike your own people, friends 

6. You are just for their comfort 

Sounds harsh! But they use you, for themselves. Whether it’s emotional, financial or any other exhaustion, they don’t mind, taking and only taking from you!

If you are dealing with a relationship like this, the next step is to stop toxicity or get out of this relationship. A relationship like this can be one-sided, emotionally exhaustive, and can isolate you, pull your confidence out and make you even depressed! 

Seek therapy today at iwill, get past depression, get assertive, find ways to either change the toxicity that has set in, of taking you for granted! Or find a way to build a life for your own! 

If you feel worse off in a relationship, anxious and always alone, less confident and hurt, it’s time to think differently about your life! And not let someone else’s behavior ruin your precious time, life, and your mental health. 

Start therapy, prioritize yourself and realize your worth! All of the three will be key in helping you cut of the toxicity out of your life!

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