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How to find your happiness and old self once again

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I can’t ever be that stress-free again. 

I used to be so happy. I have lost myself now!

I was so hopeful for my life. Just look at where my life has gone!

I used to be the center of attention and now no one pays me any attention! 

I used to believe I could do anything and now I don’t even want to look forward to the day!


If this is what you related with too if the person you miss the most in your life is yourself! If you are grieving every day at the loss of your old self, then this article will help you. 


How to find your old happy self again?

1. Prioritize yourself: This is the first thing you must do! The reason you have lost yourself is that to please others, to chase other’s dreams, to adjust, to fit in other’s emotional needs, you lose yourself! The way to find yourself again is to prioritize yourself, your happiness, your goals, your respect above pleasing others. 

2. Emotional healing: All the hurt, trauma, issues, setbacks you have been through, it’s important that you heal them, it’s important that you take the time to process all the hurt and not let mental trauma continue! It’s important that you remove the fatigue, the lack of will, the lack of motivation coming from trauma. Seek therapy, this will help you reconnect with your older self who didn’t have traumas and setbacks so deep. 

3. Assertion and respect: it’s important that you assert what is important to you. When we are young, we usually get everything that we desire to a reasonable extent by the efforts and influence of others but as time passes, we have to take charge of our respect, we need to take charge of our goals, our needs, and our life! We can’t rely and depend completely on others no matter how much we expect or think they are close. 

4. Let go and forgive yourself and life: Yes it’s not easy to be living with some broken dreams, yes it hurts that our actions are not always perfect, that there is this sense of guilt, sense of dissatisfaction with self. But it’s important to let go and forgive self! The more you forgive yourself, the more you would feel connected to your true self! If you just blame yourself day and night, you would become a version of yourself that’s regretful, that has faithlessness, that has hurt! 

5. Take time out to unwind and relax:  Life is to be happy, it is to unwind, also have moments that are carefree. No matter how stuck in the life you feel, practice happiness for self, find time for self, look out for yourself. You are important. Your happiness is what will make you live life to the fullest!

Seek therapy at IWill, to reconnect with your happiness, to sort things out emotionally, to find the motivation and trust again in your life. 

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