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How to keep happy & focused despite small disturbing incidents in a day

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Does this happen to you that you plan to do great things in a day but then something happens like a bad day at work, a negative outcome in a task, a fight with a loved one, and this completely takes your spirit away? 

Does this happen that bad feedback or someone’s bad words, fights drain you so much that your entire day goes in the same pain, getting anxious, angry, sad, or upset? 


If this is you and you have lost many days of happiness, of energy, and of good work, then this article will help you. 

What are the signs you are getting extremely mentally disturbed with small incidents of the day? 

1. You drop your day’s plan when something happens. 

2. Your mood is extremely fragile and it gets completely broken when some disturbance comes 

3. Your happiness gets affected by external events. 


Strategies to have a productive despite small disturbances 

A conscious effort to not associate current incident with past issues

We often tend to think in patterns like “I always fail”, “this always happens to me”, “ I am always being treated badly”.

This thinking pattern when once an incident happens drains us down because we have increased a lot of weight and baggage to it!

One bad incident at work and your feeling bad and not being able to work on it will only escalate the problem further! Having fights or focussing on negative comments by others will only make your self-respect take more beating. It’s important to start working for yourself, assert. Rather than letting the day pass, you need to do more, bring back focus to you need to bring back focus on work 

Process hurt for 15 mins, assign time and get over. When you have just had a small disturbing incident; see a disciplined time of 15 mins. Profess the hurt, think about it, allow yourself to feel the emotions it aroused, but then post 15 mins, push your isles into taking the right action. 


Emotional self-coaching & talk

If someone is not understanding you, it small bad things are happening, if the loss is happening, these are all very painful events and it’s ok not to be ok! Talk to yourself with kindness, provide emotional coaching. Don’t blame yourself rather understand yourself! You need to be with yourself. 

Prioritizing mental health 

Always prioritize your mental health. Problems, bad fights, someone’s saying you something and trying to bring you down, all of these can trigger a response that you wish to give it all back, or just feel miserable about yourself and pity yourself. But your mental health is important! Prioritize it over anyone!

Don’t give the edge to someone who wanted to spoil your mood, by actually getting successful in doing what serves them well; not you! Don’t let focus away from your work. It only causes more issues. 

Start counseling & therapy 

Many times we try everything but still can’t save our day. Every day we are more drained, hopeless, anxious, and unable to focus on things that matter. Seek therapy immediately if this is you. What you could be experiencing could be depression or anxiety or some emotional issue. You need to speak it all out, sort all layers of pain and thoughts internally one by one! You need to overcome the deep hurt! And heal from within.

It’s important to not let your day go to waste due to small disturbances.

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