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How to minimise and lessen morning anxiety? 

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Many people with an anxiety disorder or sometimes with tough life situations wake up feeling so worried and full of doom and dread, that they start getting extremely restless or want to just go back to sleep again.

Don’t worry if this is happening to you. Starting therapy for anxiety issues can help overcome this from its roots. And there are a host of ways in which you can minimize this anxiety yourself too.

Tips for Reducing Morning Anxiety


1. Planning your tasks in the day before the coming morning and doing some pending work in the morning in the evening itself

The fear that “I will not be able to do my tasks” is one of the prominent fears for people with anxiety disorder in the morning.

So the best way to handle this is planning your tasks in the previous evening or early night, having a plan will help you wake up relieved and prepared. Another thing that could be beneficial is to actually complete a few steps or things of your task in the previous day itself. This can bring in a lot of excitement or calmness to completing tasks as opposed to fear of “I still have to start it, how will this even happen”


2. Managing a good sleep hygiene

A well rested you, a sleep cycle that is in accordance with your work cycle and helps you make feel confident is very essential

Some healthy sleep habits to consider adopting include:

  • Avoid stimulating activities two to three hours before bedtime. Engage in a relaxing activity before bedtime like reading up with a good book or listening to slow, instrumental relaxing music.

  • Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends.

  • Keep your bedroom cold (around 65 degrees Fahrenheit) and dark (invest in room-darkening shades or curtains).

  • Consider journaling or doing a "brain dump" before bed to get any thoughts or worries onto paper so they don't interfere with falling or staying asleep

3. Think positively for 5 mins the moment you wake up.

Consciously devote this time before you get off the bed to think positively about your day, about things you need to do! Be forgiving of yourself and don’t bring the past mistakes on the present day. It will unsettle you and turn your anxiety alarm on.


4. Do get ready quickly in the morning

It’s a great idea to brush up, take bath and get ready early in the morning. It brings a lot of energy and makes you feel prepared and thereby less anxious and drained out. It is this that you should try and turn into a habit.


5. Know your anxiety triggers

Everyone has their morning anxiety triggers. Alarm clocks, emails, reminders, other people calling or fighting or having tussles. When you know your anxiety trigger, try and stay away from those in the early morning or try and change how you access them.


6. Work on your long term anxiety issues

Mental health issues, anxiety issues are usually long-standing. And it’s important to seek help for these long-standing issues. Have you been through trauma, have you been through some setbacks, personal life issues? Anxiety weighs you and your life down and so it’s important to start therapy, work on your triggers permanently and get past this problem as a whole!

At IWill therapy, therapists will set goals with you, help reduce your anxiety, help you manage your anxiety triggers, bring changes to your life through you, help you find a way to look at your life differently And thereby get past anxiety issues.

Anxiety can make a person 24*7 restless, worried, and damage your faith in self and life! This constant spiraling in fear is unhealthy and causes lot of life issues further! Stop the vicious cycle today!

For therapy at Iwill, you just need to download the app. The app instantly starts with an assessment, a basis on which you would be matched to a therapist and program that works for you. Just book, pay and start sessions online!

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