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How to regain motivation and action despite failures 

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Failures and setbacks do have a direct and indirect impact on your ability to stay motivated and do things that will eventually help bring you everything that you desire.

This happens because our motivation works on the perceived rewards mechanism. When we do something and get an immediate or even somewhat delayed good reward, acknowledgment, or value for it, our mind tells us to do more of it, to get more and more rewards.

This is how motivation works. When you start losing weight, you further follow the diet better, when you start excelling in your career, you take more steps that helped you there when someone loves you back, you are more likely to continue loving them back for that feeling.

But in case of constant failures and setbacks, our brain gets no rewards and no signals to continue. Being motivated takes so much effort until a time, it all breaks down.

But the reality is we need to continue, we need to keep acting. What can one do to stay motivated when this happens?

1. Introduce small rewards yourself 

I'll take a walk, ill talk to a friend, ill go somewhere I like, ill eat something I love if I complete this. It's a great way of keeping yourself going when external rewards are absent.


2. Changing a few aspects of things that need to be done

Take a new way to solve a problem, and bring new routines to life. Having newness helps your mind to spot that this is something novel and helps you commit to its process.


3. Focusing on action 

It's always good to focus on action rather than on results. When you stay motivated in action and treat that as a reward, you are more likely to keep going at it and rewards will always follow.


4. Changing the path

Sometimes you may be in a toxic relationship, a problem-led situation where change is needed. The motivation here would be needed to take that effort to change the course, and be consistent with it.


5. Talk positively to yourself 

Motivation is you, if you feel hopeful and good about yourself, change Will happen. Always do and say things that strengthen this belief! 

Motivation can be developed, failures and setbacks are part and parcel of life. You must continue, believing, working, and being in action!


Life is all about living, that's the only way

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