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How to spot a narcissist early on ?

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Narcissist due to their obsession with self and consideration of only their needs, and their lack of empathy or respect for others cause a lot of damage to people around.

Narcissists have

Extreme self orientation

They can't tolerate other's space 

They can give a lot of love and even go overboard to make the person feel like they are the best.

They are capable of intense drama, belittling, abuse, daily hurt, just to make self look and feel better 

The relationship with them gets worst and worst as they become more and more attacking and negative. 

They cannot let people have independent relationships.

They are extremely insecure and capable of intense emotional blackmailing.

They will dominate you in the name of love and want you to just be a slave of their needs!



How can you spot a narcissist early on? 



1. Try saying no to what they want 

No matter how much narcissists pamper you or make you feel like you are everything in their life, the moment you say no to something they want, and if you persist, they can react very quickly and they can get so uncomfortable that they can show their TRUE side early on.


2. If you give them a suggestion or critique them


A narcissist feels very uncomfortable,angry and visibly angry and reacts if someone offers them a suggestion or critiques them.

Their sense of self needs constant praise and applause and any other way can make them angry and react very quickly.


3. Their reaction if you get praised or appreciated 


A narcissist usually is never happy if someone else is being praised and especially in front of them. They are very competitive and even this affects them. They may lash out, try to sarcastically insult and feel better or sometimes even attack you for no reason.



4. They try to control their environment 

Even when they may be displaying a lot of love to you, they may be extremely controlling and want things to move as they want, the moment you wish to manage aspects of your environment, narcissist will get uncomfortable and show it visibly.


5. Self praises or only self related stories 

Narcissists will be happy telling their stories, it would be all their praises, all their stories. And if you catch a negative vibe in them when you try to speak about your self or praise your self, or your needs they will lose interest and always want to avoid it.

While the fights, the drama, the abuse sometimes may not happen immediately and it may take a lot of time to spot those denial, abuse, harsh signs, the signs above display fairly quickly.


An escape of narcissist ideally is best when it's early. It may still be tough as they may unleash drama or things that can make exit very difficult. But setting boundaries and having space is best when it's here.


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