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I am not emotionally dramatic or non adjusting. What’s happening to me is emotional abuse

Manavi Gupta

They labeled me as DRAMATIC and NEGATIVE

Oh, why do you cry all the time! You are so sensitive and you overreact!
My god, you enjoy quarrels and nagging, always arguing. It’s so difficult to be around you.
You are never happy, always complaining.
She always is upset, she never mixes with anyone.  What kind of a person she is.
She is always a moody. She has always tears in her eyes. The whole atmosphere gets negative because of her.

This and more were said about me. I was already hurting so much within me and I wanted everyone else to understand what they were doing to me was wrong.

But this never happened. I was hurt more and blamed for it...
I joined IWill therapy and later my partner joined too.

It was the therapist at IWill who helped my partner see this

"What is happening to her is emotional abuse.

When you take an umbrella out when it’s raining, it’s not that you are a fool right? It’s pouring on you and hence you open the umbrella up!

Look at what happens to her all the time.

You have no time for her. You avoid her to show you are still the same “macho” person who was never home

Everyone just tells her what she should do, what she is doing is wrong! How she should completely change herself fro fit in!

Everyone would always compare her with others. Make fun of her parents, of her family, and then say it was just a joke...

All of this is emotional abuse..if you are treated this way if you are hurt each day, isolated, how can someone be happy...

Emotional abuse is wrong...that needed to stop,
This causal attitude of hurting me, telling me things constantly that make me feel I am less, that isolation needs to stop..."

My partner could see how the pain I had, was coming from the hurt inflicted on me...

I was not negative, people were being mean to me! There was a gang-like group against me, poking me, picking on me, not caring for my emotions!

I started asserting
My partner started standing up for me, giving me time, giving me attention as I deserved...

As the rain of pain stopped, I got back to what I was, chirpy, happy, confident...
People were shocked to see how my partner changed and stood for me!

But I am just glad that abuse stopped!

No one deserves it and high time we stop blaming a person with pain to be responsible, have empathy, and see what really is going on

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