IWill 2021-10-20 09:18 - 2 minute read

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I am not going to please people at the cost of my respect

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First, laugh at me and then say it was just for fun.
Make me do things so insulting, that makes me feel secondary and an outsider, and then give it the name of "everyone does it"!

Make me isolated and lonely and then say it is how it is. 

Ask me to do things and then say it’s not up to your standards...


I have had enough... I have been insulted enough... I have been really made to feel like you guys are better than me, you deserve love and I don’t, you deserve happiness and I don’t, you deserve fun and I don’t, you can say anything to me and I should take it in the right spirit! 

My mental health was broken like this. Just like you, I have respect, I am really educated, and have been raised in a way to believe I deserve the vest. I have been loved and been taken care of with love... 

Such behaviors broke my heart. I became so depressed, unsettled, exhausted, and felt internally choked! 

I joined IWill therapy and it was in therapy I could come out of depression. I could refocus my life on my career. I could learn to assert, speak for myself assertively when no one else did! I learned to control this fear of being abandoned, this fear that I can’t be seen as “wrong” even when everyone is attacking me and breaking me!


I don’t allow people to disrespect me!

I don’t let them treat me secondary and have fun at my expense... 

I am not ok anymore breaking myself for your pleasure! I don’t mind being seen as “not a fit” by those who left no stone unturned to break me! 

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