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I am not less than your family members. Dont bully me as wife. I wont take it.

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I won’t always be available for abuse!
I am not ok in going through sarcasm and hurt every time and still be present to let this be repeated with me!
I won’t say sorry when I have done no mistake!
Why should I always sacrifice.? Why should I have to suffer against my ideals?
It’s not ok that your family treats me like I am an outsider, less, that everyone is better than me and I have to butter them 24*7 or else I have no value!

It’s not ok anymore that I am scared of losing you or upsetting you and for that I continue tolerating your ignorance, your partiality in name of family values!

I have had enough!

I am no less than anyone!
Rules for your sister and me can’t be different!
People cannot treat my work as secondary and make me feel so bad about my achievements and still expect me to butter them and make them feel great about them!
People cannot treat me like I am no one!

Enough... my husband can no longer always use me to be in good books of his family.
I was so controlled that I was depressed! I felt I had no value... I was very less than others...

He would always expect me to bow down, say sorry, be ok with abuse, take it as a part of being In family, keep doing for others, keep proving what he wants to!

But it broke me... it was wrong on his part...
I was and I am his family too.
I have dreams.
I have respect!
I have need to be happy!
I have need to have space!
Why should I be seen as the wrong one? Did I come here to be ignored ?
Did I Marry him to be insulted?

I was so depressed and so afraid that I wanted to not exist. I wanted my life to end... i joined IWill therapy and it was in therapy that things got better for me!
I got the strength to say the right thing, to stand up for myself, to have a career, to not take hurtful things straight to my heart, and see myself as a failure!

Rather I learned to put the responsibility of bad behavior, where it lied on the people who were behaving poorly.

Therapy helped me heal myself and also gain the courage to not be available to abuse, to have intrinsic strength, to know what’s right for me, to have power in me!

Today I don’t sit where I am abused!
I am not part of groups where I am the item of ridicule!
I don’t let others treat me differently and break my self-esteem into pieces.

I stand up for myself with strength. I am
No less than any family member nor my husband! I have equal rights to respect!


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