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I am so happy now and toxic people cant stand it


After 3 years of utter pain, darkness, and losses, I, Shraddha have arrived!

I am now a marketing manager at a big company. I am doing exceedingly well in my company, taking the right steps, not being distracted, judging, or breaking myself mentally!

I am now always happy. Usually, I spend a lot of good time with my friends, with people who enjoy my company.

I give time to my growth. My smile, my mornings are so good! I actually wake up without that feeling where I used to feel, getting up has no meaning. My life has no changes... that kind of thing is gone!

And I see toxic people who were responsible for my pain and downfall, increasingly unhappy.
How do I know they are unhappy? Well a lot of signs!

1. Well they try and underplay my achievements
2. They get irritated when they hear something good is happening to me!
3. They are talking more behind my back
4. They are clearly not as happy as they used to be when I was sad...

Exactly a few months ago, I was at my lowest low. My mind had shut of! Because I would be blamed for everything. Comparisons would be drawn between me and others all the time... I would be always emotionally isolated! I would be denied love, respect and even opportunity to exist. It was like I had entered their group and they had no space for me!

Every time I would cry, burn my chances and perform worse, they would use that to make me feel I deserved it! That this is what I was capable of!

I had only 3 gifts from toxic people
1. Constant isolation of me, trying to always show I didn’t belong here nor capable of doing anything
2. Constant comparisons and belittling of my achievements to convince me I was a failure
3. Constant denial of my emotions and trying to prove I am the “mad” one!

And unfortunately, all three things had affected me!

I was really a mess. My years had been wasted. Friends have achieved so much, people in my field had scaled many heights and here I was, stuck in a room, trying but always crying!

I joined IWilltherapy on a Facebook post suggestion and my therapist at IWill helped me change my life completely. She helped me focus on myself, helped me see how much I was losing not because I was not talented because I was in an environment that made me feel inadequate!

She Helped me focus on myself, heal myself and grow myself!

She helped me cut the noise, opinions, remarks of what toxic people felt about me and grow, and do things for myself, ignores the current failure and setback and grow, form my own strength, and today I have to build a life that I wanted for myself too!

Challenging my own thoughts, assumptions and overcoming my situation is burning the ground on which toxicity stood!

Burning the hopes of my failure that toxic people dreamed of

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