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I created boundary. They use this to prove I am bad. But now I have good mental health

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I was suffocated in that place. 

I was constantly attacked in a subtle way on my choices!

I was constantly disrupted and my plans would always be disturbed last moment!

I would always be told things that made me feel I was less in their eyes!

My style, my work, my needs all were a problem!


They didn’t see me as an individual. They wanted me to change everything about me... 


I didn’t have right on my life... 

constantly I would be made to feel like I was a waste... 

I was losing myself each day... 


My work was getting bad..

My mood would be off and they would use it further against me to prove I was the problem!

My relationship was non-existent and there were misunderstandings created by them! 


I felt exhausted and so out of control... because my whole life, my needs, my wishes had to be all around them..: I had no free will! 

I joined iwill therapy... in therapy, it was the first time in the last several months where I wasn’t given lectures on how I should be, on how I should be... the therapist heard me patiently, understood things from my perspective... she empathised and acknowledged my pain... and that was a big thing for me!


I was being labelled so much that even someone not seeing me as wrong was a big thing...

Next, she helped me see that I had to work for my own mental health... I had the right to set my boundaries, I had to get strong to focus on my mental health!

She helped me assert, find a way to mentally distract myself from their opinions. She helped me learn the art of assertion and “intelligent ignorance”... she also spoke to my partner and helped me see things from my and joint perspective! It wasn’t ok to be troubled and be alone! 


I got so much better in therapy... 

I have learnt to have my boundary. Even my space... I have learnt to say no, to point out when abused and to absolutely stop people from hurting me!

I know this was and is being used to make me look like I am not “good”, that I am “against people” but I don’t care... I am not attacking them... I am only stopping them from attacking me...I am protecting my mental health, my career and my relationship! And this is my RIGHT.

If it was not for therapy, I would have never been able to come out of the depression and pain created by them 

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