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I didnt marry to lose myself and my identity! I wont break myself anymore to please others

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You should not be so career-oriented!
You look nice but clothes like these are not so good!
In our homes, women don’t expect so much from their husbands!
Please don’t dance in that party! Women in our homes don’t do this.
Please let others speak. It looks nice if a woman listens more.
This is not the kind of food we eat here...

This and more was constantly said to me!
Constantly my idea of a person was attacked!

My smile was a problem!
My looks were a problem!
Things I did, were a problem! People I spoke to were a problem!
My love for my husband and my wish to be with him was a problem!

My personality was disliked, everything about me was wrong!

And this was breaking me completely!

I was so proud of myself. And suddenly I felt so less, like nothing about me was worth it. I tried pretending, but being someone else was tough!

I started IWill therapy to heal myself. And it was in IWill therapy that my therapist helped me feel confident again!

My focus on career, my personality, all were good! I was a good person and things that made me stand out always were still valuable!

She helped me find love for myself again, set my own goals in life once again, feel confident in who I was!

I asserted myself and stopped looking for validation! I stopped getting troubled by how others thought about me!

I knew I deserved to be happy! I deserved to be myself! I couldn’t please others by losing myself and for what? Just because others were uncomfortable and insecure!

My husband too at one point joined therapy and could understand how I was subjected to unfairness, how I was getting depressed due to lack of acceptance and this was not ok!

I am glad I took help, stopped judging myself from others' eyes! I am glad I stopped feeling so alone!

Stand up for your mental health!
Stand up for yourself!
Nothing above these two

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