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I don't want to think about people who cheated me, but seeing them happy and me being still miserable affects me a lot

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Someone cheated me and left me for what they thought was a better option.

They cheated me when I had been there for them and did things for them when no one was around.

Yet they left me for first better option. Like they had barely used me as a step of their ladder who they kept foot on and jumped away.


Initially I was so depressed and heartbroken. People around me said there is always karma. Things will catch up with them whereas you would be In a better position.

And as time went on, I would see them happier and happier. As for me, I was so heartbroken that I could not recover really. Things were worse for me. I was more alone than ever.

And this would make me even more unhappy and unsettled.

How is someone who cheated me, so happy, how is that they are having people praising them. How is that they are more and more successful and here I am, totally alone and no one bothers about me

I really wanted to kill myself, the pain was unbearable for me.

My father insisted and asked me to seek therapy and help.

I chose IWill as a platform, reason being that i didn't want to be judged for sharing my feelings and i knew this platform is the one.

My therapist listened to me and she didn't blame me at all for why i feel how I feel?

She said this is not jealousy that you feel, this is lack of Justice. The fact that someone used you and went away betraying you and they are happy still, feels like justice denied


So don't blame yourself, you are not wrong or a bad person as you are thinking.

Next she helped me see that success and happiness is a factor of how much you do for yourself.

In this case, the person who cheated on me and moved on keeping their self interest in mind and as for me, even when they left, I could not do things in my self interest.


She helped me make a choice and choose myself.

She helped me focus on my growth, excelling, forming new pathways and being myself.

Today I am doing much better as myself, I think of my growth, I haven't become selfish at all. But i have become self aware.


I am at a much better place mentally and personally too.

My growth is happening and i know karma one day will catch up with everyone, I need not worry,I just need to focus on growing and excelling.

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