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I felt ashamed of my life and my problems. This is why and how I overcame

Srilaha Sinha

My life wasn’t simple
I was always struggling with one problem or the other.
And as a result of it when there were no problems. I was dealing with the leftover trauma

I wasn’t successful in my career. Everyone who was in my competitive zone or other people were better placed financially, had much more success.
I had too many struggles personal and professional!

People who left me and hurt me ., I thought would be thinking they did the right thing leaving me or that I deserved their toxicity. 
Years and years passed and nothing good came about my life...


I really wanted to hide and never come back and yet somewhere within me, there was this feeling that I should somehow undo all this shame, loss and sadness... 


I joined IWill therapy 6 months ago...

And it was in therapy that I could work on myself, see that endless comparison cycles were hurting me more. That I needed to once focus on my journey and do the hard work. 

She would listen to me almost every second day and I would vent out all the painful assumptions, thoughts, blocks, shame I felt for myself and she would clear it each day patiently ... 

she agreed that yes toxic people who left me may be thinking they did the right thing or that they would be happy seeing me struggle. But she also said that it’s as true that what they think of me today shouldn’t become another trauma point for me! If at all, I should block completely these thoughts, this time that I give to them mentally thinking about what they would be talking behind my back.

They never acknowledged my struggles, they created them and got benefit of me, created toxicity and left, how could I break under this now... 


She helped me work out a plan, remove my own inertia, she helped me work hard for my happiness. She helped me look ahead on my life... 


I am not ashamed of my story anymore! I repeat I am not ashamed of myself. I am proud of who I am. I am proud of things I did and things I messed up with, that’s human. I am working now to first love myself, without the validation, without someone else telling me I am worthy and deserve to live...

If you are struggling with a loss of sense of worth, I would strongly recommend therapy here at IWill. These guys are good.... they listen, they help heal. And they help move on your journey....

You can’t be ashamed of yourself!

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