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I get no credit or attention as a daughter-in-law in this home. And it breaks me every day

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Sympathy for always son and family

Oh he is so tired, our son does so much work!
Everything in this home is managed by our son. He does everything.
My daughter takes care of us so well.
I am so proud of my son . He does so well.

This was my home after marriage. No matter how much I did for the home, I would never get credit!

I would be always alone in the home. I would never be consulted for anything. No matter how much I did, I would never get any public mention or appreciation on this.

I would always be made to feel like an outsider, and as though I had to just serve and that I would get no appreciation or feeling of being loved in this home.

I had to prove myself all day through! But no one cared for me...

My mental health had completely broken down...in this home.

I joined IWill therapy and it was in therapy that I learned to assert for myself, to speak when I was ignored, and not take it all on myself.
I learned to prioritize myself and also derive my self-respect from my work, and the people who love me!

I also asked my husband to support me. This was his home and he had to make sure the environment was happy for me!
It’s not ok for me to be expected to be pleasing others at my expense!

My self-respect is important and I am not Ok anymore being treated the way I am treated.
I will focus on my respect and happiness and I won’t compromise my mental health.

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