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I had given too much power to others for my happiness, I had been too weak to do the right things for myself not anymore

Shreya Verma

Crying like hell when someone ignored me.

Crying like a baby when someone remarked on my failures, reminded me of my pain and still always came back to me when they needed me.

Broken of the sarcasms they have everyday telling me what I didn't do while never being there for me.


Broken of the pain of being surrounded by people who cannot be as nice as I am to them, who use me, pretend to be good, take the most out of me and then leave me when it suits them.

Broken by people around who only expect me to change, be there, be unloved while they all need all the care, love and attention



I was so lonely and so heartbroken that I was depressed.

I couldn't sleep at night. I couldn't get out of bed even when I had no sleep.

I would cry. I would feel like I was alone in this world of pain, of isolation, of such bad behavior.


I joined IWill therapy on recommendation of a friend. It was iwill therapist who helped me see that I had the power to be myself.

She helped me learn to not waste my tears for people who were self serving.

She helped me learn that validation from people who just remind you of your bad even when you do good, shows they are jealous.

Or are trying to harm you and you don't need their validation. Infact when they attack, I need to rewire and learn that I may be doing something right.

She helped me see the good in me and helped me focus on my career.

She helped me become bold enough to stand on my own and assert and speak back when someone tried bullying me.

She made me into a fighter, someone who has power to their happiness themselves.

Even my partner started changing, seeing that I was becoming strong.

I would cry but get back up.

I am a real story of change.

I made my own business.

I made my own standing.

If someone didn't come When I invited them ot tried to show me I didn't matter to them, they didn't matter to me.

I stopped seeking validation. Who seeks validation of those who are jealous of you despite how good or bad they may be doing in life.

I learnt through IWill to live again, laugh again, be myself again and stand up, cry, face failure but not give up.

If you are in a state like me, start IWill Therapy, you need it.

You absolutely do need it.

You need someone to help you come out of your head, of the world toxic people are creating around you, which isn't true...

Shreya Verma

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