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I have been so helpless and lost so much in my life that my mental health got completely shattered

Sudhanshu Singh

I don’t know if I didn’t know how to fight for myself, do the right thing or it was life only that was so bad for me!

I had been through so much .
My career went downhill.
My personal life was a mess filled with anger, hurt, pain, and a lack of fulfilled expectations.
My health got so bad with me having stomach issues, so many hormonal issues, and weight gain.

I had also stopped all contact with my friends. I was completely isolated as I didn’t feel like meeting anyone. I felt so much pain in my heart that nothing felt good or normal!

I had become helpless. I didn’t now even try.
I wanted miracles to happen but they never happened.
I would waste months and years and then would face another setback that would destroy me even further.

So many times I had grappled with these thoughts that I may be didn’t deserve to live...
I was really ashamed of what my life had become!

Everyone who had hurt me, was better off!
Everyone who had been so behind, was way ahead than me.
People who were my well-wishers also questioned me because I was so slow to respond, I was never there for them...

I was really helpless, completely unhappy, and destroyed in this process.

I joined IWill therapy and the therapist helped heal me.

She broke down part of my story as separate events and not as one big definition of who I was.
She encouraged me to meet friends irrespective of what was happening in my life.
She encouraged me to take small steps for each problem one thing at a time.

She helped me disconnect from past trauma and pain and focus on today.

She helped me forgive myself, and see that sometimes yes life is tougher because we have ambitions, and needs that are larger but I could make my life as I wanted. I needed to give it more time.

I stopped crying. I stopped getting anxious. I made peace with my story.

I am not helpless anymore!
I have work. I am doing well.
I have stopped comparing my life to others.
I have stopped bringing past pain into life today.
I think well for myself 
I assert.
I wake up in peace.


This is probably the best my life has been since I grew up. I am receiving compliments for my Confidence.

I am no longer buried in fear or helplessness. Control of my life, happiness to a certain extent is complete with me and I have claimed it

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