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I have learned to be happy even when others around me try to ignore or hurt me!

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Again he didn’t come and say hello to me! Even though I am his wife, he has always treated me like I mean less to him , after everyone else!

Earlier it used to sting like a bee, it used to hurt me to see the guy who I loved the most, treats me so less, keeps me at mercy of others!

But now I am unaffected. I do my work, I have a job, I have friends, I have a life, I have my family and my resilience makes me feel bad for him for missing out on a great relationship, not me.

He is so scared of his mother that he doesn’t spend time with me. She gets insecure within an hour and my husband is acutely aware of it!

But now I don’t feel bad when he does that. That’s his dynamics issues, his personality that is weak, it doesn’t define me as any less of worthy of love than his mom or anyone else, it just shows how insecure and selfish their bond is!

Everyone tries to constantly remind me how he is a son first and always and I come last!

But it doesn’t hurt anymore. Because I am my first, I don’t care who he has on his list as long as I am my own priority!

Today I have a job that’s taking my focus, I have friends, I have peace, I feel good about myself despite my husband’s ignorance!

I wasn’t always like that. I was depressed to the point I would harm myself to gain his attention, keep myself starved to buy some of his focus on me, but nothing worked!

And it was a losing game! My sister asked me to join iwill therapy as she couldn’t take my visible deterioration!
It was in therapy that I could slowly see, I wasn’t less worthy. They didn’t know how to embrace and love!
I was hurting myself for a family that was anyways breaking me. My body, my mind, didn’t deserve this horror, this Torture!

She also helped me step by step to find my happiness of this need created to only be made happy by him! He shouldn’t have this power over me!

I stood up I asserted. I stopped begging or even feeling bad! I started seeing how my life was precious. I don’t need their sympathy. My husband is Shocked to see change in me!

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