IWill 2021-10-11 09:10 - 2 minute read

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I have stopped crying for people who stopped caring for me!

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I have come a long way!

I would always cry because I was treated badly or was ignored by someone I really loved!
I would beg them to pay attention to me, to understand my pain, to fulfil my love issues but they never understood me!
I would expect them to treat me with me with love but they would always attack me, manipulate others against me and hurt me!
I had lost my happiness and yet I was unable to move on! I didn’t even know if I could survive now!

I really needed love! I really loved them and really was expecting from them to be respected!

But I was only getting toxicity, isolation, ego, hurt and secondary treatment!
I wanted to preserve my dignity but my emotions would break me! I would just feel I would die if I don’t get their love!

I joined iwill therapy and initially, I was this weak person. But through therapy,  I learned that I needed to take steps to make me stronger, the people who didn’t care for me, crying in front of them, and wasting my time will take a lot of my life away! I deserved people who loved me, I deserved to be happy! I deserved to have empathy and security.

And in iwill therapy, I was helped to realize my self-worth, not feel like my life was over if I didn’t get one person’s love!

Today I stand tall!
I just walked away! I stopped crying for someone who had no time for me! I started living for myself! I didn’t care a moment on if someone paid me attention! I was enough for myself!

I have a career, I spend time with people who love me, I don’t beg someone to give me attention!

My mental health is more important than pleading others! for their fake attention!


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