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I keep losing faith in myself, depression is so consistent in making me inconsistent and failing 

Sujata Singh

You can't do it. Look you tried so many years. Did anything change?

Look at that person, they have excelled.

You remember what they said about you that you can't make it. That they wish you all the best but are rejecting you.

Remember what she reminded you of, years of stagnancy. If you could do it, you would have done it by now.

This and more is what my brain with depression keep playing.

It was tiring. It was unfortunate yet it was something consistent.


I would be shattered inside my head.

I would try doing things, picking up tasks but my brain again after few days would push me to become inconsistent.

To leave trying, to just sleep and cry and feel how big failure I was.

Yes bad things were happening and had happened in my life. But my depression would make it worse. It took away from me my strength to fight or be.

Depression was so consistent in making me inconsistent.

Depression was making me hate myself and life and people's words and their leaving me was doubling this impact.

I joined IWill therapy after a lot of deliberation and it was in therapy that my therapist helped me a lot.

Yes there was pain, but there was a huge positive side to me as well.

Yes there was a lot missing, but lot could come as well.

She helped me see the good in me, worked with me to help me learn quieting these painful repetitive thoughts.

She helped me challenge my assumptions and connections my brain was making me what had happened in the past

 Future was totally different and my present was the gateway to it.

She helped me just focus on Here and now and keep trying.

She helped me just focus on what is today here in front of me.

I became consistent. It would still hurt mentally many times but I would continue.

And as my actions start bringing small results and building my pathway up, success started coming in.

Things got only better and better. And today i am, more successful, happier and fulfilled than ever.

Depression had to go for my frozen state to go too.

If you too are feeling like a failure, like you are going backwards, like you are the problem, this may be depression. You have to work to lose it, not yourself.

Please seek help,.please reach out to IWill. I did this and really they have saved both my life and my dreams

Depression is a silent killer. Kill it before it does 

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